USA Collegiate and the Goodyear Wranglers Academic Program -

USA-Collegiate (USA-C) is committed to providing the best possible educational experience, and through USA-C and our partnered Institutions, we offer a comprehensive higher education package and “prep” learning for junior college (JC) and Post High School Collegiate, or P-HS-C student-athletes – individualized for the honor student to the student struggling in mainstream college courses.

Academic Options include: Playbook (in partnership with SUU); USA-C Online; Coral Sands & Vocational Learning.  Below provides a glimpse of some of the opportunities that can be available for the Wranglers Student-Athlete.


· World-class curriculums and qualified professors.

· Access to advisors and peer mentors.

· Tutoring facilities and open office hours from professors.

· Library and research databases.

· Low-cost and transferable credits from an accredited state university.*

· Flexible semesters and starting dates. Completely online curriculum.


· Regular check-ins with academic coaches.

· Additional tutoring resources to ensure schedules and needs are met.

· Regular point of contact to ensure all resources are utilized.

· Goal setting meetings and follow-ups.

· Leadership coaching and guest lectures.

· Time management skills training.Trade school and career advisory office.

*USA Collegiate Online is licensed by the state of Utah, and  is not an accredited state university

For questions please contact Megan Pomeroy - Academic Director

Call - 435-313-3817

Goodyear Wranglers is one of the first private junior college football teams in Arizona whose program will help post-high school football players develop academically, athletically and physically to reach their goal of playing major college football.


163W 1600S STE 5

St. George UT, 84770

Coach Paul Funches - Head Coach

(317) 910-1375

Mark Brady - Commissioner of Football


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